Since I can remember I have always had really healthy and strong nails… until a few weeks ago when I started to let my nail care routine slip and they became weak, brittle and started to peel. 

It all started to go downhill with the use of Shellac nail polish, well not the polish itself but the way I used to remove it, which in turn ruined my nails. Instead of letting the Shellac soak off completely, (which I absolutely do now) I would soak my nails for 5 minutes then scrub the rest off with a metal tool or even worse peel the varnish off without soaking at all. This weakened my nails incredibly, they were thin and frail, and so I took the plunge and decided to cut them all off and let them grow back. 

Since then I have been treating my nails and nourishing them the best way that I can. There are two products which I could not imagine my nails being without now, as they made them stronger and grow at a decent rate; they are the OPI nail envy strengthener and the Avoplex cuticle oil. This combination of products along with properly performed manicures and other treatments like the garlic treatment have brought my nails right back on track.

I still use shellac polish and I think that its wonderful (with proper removal of course). I always give my nails a day or two rest in-between applying shellac, I replenish my nails using the garlic treatment as well as a good hand mask and lots of cuticle oil. Now, my nails may not be the longest they have ever been but they are back to being healthy and strong. 

Dominika xx