Not having a Sephora in London is a real struggle, if you're into your makeup like me. There have been countless times when I've read a blogpost or watched a Youtube video on all the beautiful things people bought from Sephora and sighed because I wasn't able to get my hands on any of them. I know that you can order online from Sephora but that just seems like a lot of faff and personally I like to see what I'm buying. Recently, I had the opportunity to shop at Sephora whilst on holiday and today I wanted to share with you what I got.

What caught my eyes first was the Sephora Teint Infusion foundation, it was advertised as a foundation that mimics the skin and is supposed to look very natural. Since buying it I have used it a couple times and have to say that I am quite impressed with it, although you have to get used to how runny it is. 

Next I got the Micro Smooth powder to set my foundation in place and Contouring 101 face palette, the contour palette drew me in with its highlight shades as I thought they would work really well underneath my eyes to set my concealer. The powder itself is very smooth and quite pigmented so you do have to be careful if you have a heavy hand.

I also decided to pick up the IT palette in Delicate nude which is stunning and the pink brow enhancer. The palette can be used to create very soft makeup looks but has a few darker shades that could turn your daytime looks to more dramatic night time ones. Lastly, with autumn and winter in mind I picked up a deep red almost burgundy lip liner, because I didn't have anything like it in my collection and thought its a must have for the colder months.

Dominika xx