bodyshop vitamin e range embryolisse empties

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bodyshop embryolisse creams good for skin empties

First of all let me start by saying sorry for missing last weeks post; uni work crept up on me and I got a little bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I had to do. It did do me some good though, I took a day off and decided to get organised - but thats a whole other story! As I was organising and clearing everything out I found a bag full of empty products, and so decided to write about the products. If you're unfamiliar with the youtube and blogger makeup/beauty world and have no frigging idea what I'm on about; I'm basically going through my empty products (rubbish) and giving them a little review. Skincare to me is one of the most important things, so its no surprise that all of the products I'm going to write about today are skincare!

I want to start off with my face creams; the first product that I have used up is the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre which is my favourite face cream! I use it all year round, its perfect for dry skin - it instantly makes your skin feel hydrated and its just the best. There are no words to describe it, i have already purchased another one (and a back up). Next we have a few bodyshop products, actually quite a lot (I think I have a little obsession with The Bodyshop). The Vitamin E range is one of my faves and the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet is such a good product. I use it mainly in the summer because it has a lovely cooling effect and isn't too heavy; I sometimes put it over the Embryolisse cream and it makes it feel much lighter; again I have already repurchased this product. Again from the Vitamin E range we have the moisture cream, which I think was okay. It was a good product but I don't think it worked that well on my skin because I tend to get quite dry and prefer richer creams, overall I liked it but it didn't WOW me so I don't think I'm going to buy this one again. Lastly, from the Vitamin E range (as far as the creams go) the Nourishing Cream; I think this product was quite good. It has a very thick consistency, which personally I really like at night and I think it worked well. Have I repurchased it? Not yet, but I think once I finish some of my other night creams I will. 

Now, this product you need in your life! Bodyshop's Aloe protective restoring mask is a miracle. I don't necessarily use it as you're supposed to but it work's wonders on my skin. I put a relatively thick layer of this at night on my face and sleep in it, I know you might be thinking that I'm crazy for sleeping in a face mask but it's just like a cream, and in the morning I wake up with the most amazing glowy and radiant looking skin ever! I have not yet repurchased this product, which makes me very sad, but I will once I find some some time to pop into The Bodyshop. I think I might leave it here for now and split this up into two parts, otherwise this post will be super long. If you have any other recommendations from The bodyshop (since most of this blogpost is about them) please let me know because I would love to try some new products. 

Dom xx