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vichy bodyshop and boots radiance facial serum, hydration, skincare

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This week is part two of my product empties and I'll be focusing on serums and you guessed it... more products from The Bodyshop (I seriously have a problem with their stuff, but it's just so good!).

Firstly the serums; I have two that I want to talk about, first is the Vichy Aqualia thermal serum which is brilliant! When you put this product on your skin, it literally feels like your skin is having a drink, instantly feeling hydrated! I have not repurchased this yet because I have other serums to go through but once I'm done this will definitely be on my 'to-buy' list. Next is a little hidden gem, it's the Boots Botanics radiance concentrate serum. I seriously think that the Boots Botanics range is superb (I haven't tried all the products but the ones that I have tried just seem to be brilliant). This serum is lightweight, sinks into the skin really nicely and leaves it quite moisturised - which I like. I have already repurchased another bottle of this and am currently using it. 

Next are two Bodyshop products... surprise, surprise. Another Vitamin E product is the Overnight Serum-in-oil which is another great product. As it says it's a serum in oil product and it genuinely improves the appearance of your skin. I don't find it to be too heavy or too runny, and think that it's really good for oil newbies; in fact this was one of the first oils that got me into the whole oil thing. Another oil, but with a different purpose, is the camomile silky cleansing oil, which I found to be a good product, it gets all of your makeup off and is really easy to wash off. Would I recommend this product? Yes if you are looking for a cheap oil cleanser and are just starting to get into them otherwise I think the camomile balm cleanser from The bodyshop is much better.

Lastly, I have two skincare non-facial products that I think are worth mentioning; yet another Bodyshop product, the Deluxe Edition Chocomania body butter; the only reason why I finished this was because I didn't want to throw away a new product and no one else wanted it. Let me start with saying that I absolutely love the bodyshop butters - what I didn't like about this one was the smell. When purchasing this I thought it smelled really good; who wouldn't want to smell like chocolate? But once you put it on your skin the smell just isn't the same and way too overpowering hence why I'll stick to more citrusy scents. Last but most definitely not least is the Soap and Glory shower butter; I don't usually keep the packaging of my shower gels as they are pretty standard but this product is worth mentioning. If you have dry skin or are just looking for intense smoothness and hydration this is the product for you! It's nothing like a normal shower gel, instead, it's a thick creamy consistency which makes your skin incredibly smooth. This product is a must have for winter and I will definitely be repurchasing it soon. I hope that you enjoyed my empties posts, and it makes me really happy that I can now throw away my rubbish. 

Dominika xo