kiko makeup haul, brand overview of kiko cosmetics, makeup, flatlay photo
kiko makeup haul and brand overview, unlimited stylo lipsticks in three shades
kiko makeup haul and brand overview, kiko makeup, lipsticks and blusher

kiko makeup haul and brand overview, pretty makeup photos
Let's talk KIKO makeup. So over the past few months KIKO has been exploding, everyone seems to be talking about it, so what's the fuss about? I'd say I've tried a fair share of KIKO products over the past few months (or a little longer) and overall have to say that I like the brand, of course it has its drawbacks like any other brand but overall I enjoy their products.

I'll start of with the really really good things and get to the 'not so good' in a bit. The Unlimited Stylo lipsticks are phenomenal! The formula is amazing, they glide on nicely and dry to a demi-matte finish  and last forever! I literally have to apply this lipstick once in the morning and I'm good for the whole day. One negative thing I want to point out is that if you want to reapply you do have to take it all of otherwise it starts to bunch up and doesn't look cute at all, but then again they last a very long time so I rarely reapply. 

I'll carry on with lipsticks since I have tried a few others from various ranges. I've tried a few shades from the Smart Lipstick range and have to say that I'm not overly amazed with them. Don't get me wrong they are good lipsticks for the price, they glide on nicely, are quite moisturising and have a huge colour selection but their formulation doesn't WOW me. The Ultra Glossy Stylo lipstick on the other hand I love! They don't last on your lips for a very long time I must admit but they give off the prettiest sheen ever - almost as if your lips are wet (in a pretty looking way). Plus they have SPF 15 which is an extra bonus! I have also tried their Smooth Temptation lipstick which is nice and creamy, their Gossamer Emotion lipstick which is also very nice and has really cool packaging. I have also tried the Intensely Lavish, Luscious Cream, Crystal Sheer and finally the Velvet Mat lipsticks which I all like. 

I still have so much stuff that I would want to mention but this post will end up being super long, so I'll mention the absolute faves and must haves. The Colour Definition eye pencils are some of the best that I have ever tried! I have pretty watery eyes so anything that I put on my waterline tends to be gone within an hour or so but these set and stay on my eyes the whole day. I really recommend you check them out. The Cream Crush eyeshadows are an absolute must! Again, once they are on your eyes they are not moving! They don't crease and glide on really smoothly, what more can I say?

Let me know if you tried any of these, or anything else from KIKO and you like it? Also, if you'd like a more in-depth review of any of these products let me know. 

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