When I was last in Covent Garden and I discovered a new makeup brand, called 3INA (although I do think that you are meant to pronounce it as mina, I'm not quite sure). I popped into their store and decided to pick up some goodies. I was instantly drawn to their lipsticks, so I picked up two with matching lipliners. I also picked up two eyeshadows form their metallic eyeshadow collection, because I thought that they would be good items to start off with as I'm getting to know the brand. 

Let's start with the lipsticks because they're my favourite. I picked up the shade 103 which is a muted dusty pinky colour and 111 which is a great autumnal plum shade, its quite dark and vampy which I love. The formula on these lipsticks is great, they're very nice and smooth and comfortable on the lips. They aren't the most long lasting lipstick that I have ever tried but they do last a long time and with a more creamier lipstick its just bound to disappear a little bit faster than a matte. I think that for  five pounds (at least that't how much I think they were) they're a good lipstick that's very easy to apply. I have used the pinky one on an everyday basis and I think its becoming one of my favourite 'go-to' shades. 

As I mentioned previously I also picked up two matching lipliners, the lipliner for the pinky shade is  the number 435 and the plummy toned one is number 455. The lady in the store told me that they had a batch of wrongly numbered liners and so they don't correspond to the lipsticks, so if you like the liners I'm guessing just go by the lipstick number. The liners are also great in my opinion, they are very nice and smooth and not too hard to apply on the lips, the texture is very nice as they aren't too stiff like some lipliners can be. They come with a Chanel-esque lip brush on the other end of the liner, which isn't half bad. I don't tend to use a brush when applying my lipstick or lip liner but I did try it out and it is quite soft, so if you like a brush just know its there and its not bad at all. One more liner that I picked up from 3INA was the Essential lip pencil in a gorgeous maroon colour. I can't tell you the shade number because it doesn't seem to be written down on the lip pencil itself. Honestly, this product I was a little bit underwhelmed with, considering the other liners are really nice. Compared to the other two this one just seems quite stiff in texture and you have to work a little bit more to get the right colour pay off (but the colour is stunning once you get there). In my opinion I'd just get the other formula.

Lastly, I picked up two of their metallic eyeshadows, one in the shade 501 which is a gorgeous coppery shade and 505 which is a gorgeous blush pink with a blue toned iridescence in it. The shadows are nice and smooth. They're not patchy and blend quite nicely, although I do find that the pinky one has a bit more fallout and is a bit more powdery than the other shadow. Overall though, I don't think that they are bad shadows but I don't reach for them as often as I do for the lipsticks and liners. The last thing I wanted to mention was the packaging. The packaging is really nice and sleek, its plain matte black with the 3INA logo on it. Overall, I do enjoy this brand, especially the lipsticks and I will pick up some more products as I'm really intrigued what their skin products are like, its just a shame that the only store near me is Covent Garden. 

Let me know what you thought of the makeup! And if you have ever tried this brand gimme your thoughts on their products as I'd like to know how they perform. 

Dominika xx