So its been getting a little bit colder recently and its safe to say that autumn is now here. And yes, pumpkin spice lattes are back but so are my chapped lips. This year I think I found something that will keep them under control. I've had the Clarins Instant Light Comfort Oil for a while now but kind of forgot about it since I didn't really need it. I don't know why but last week my lips were so incredibly chapped, so I rummaged through my collection to see if I had anything to fix them and I came across this little gem. 

The Clarins Lip Oil is quite weird in consistency, its a cross between an oil and a lip gloss. It doesn't slide around your lips like straight up oil but is also not as sticky as a lipgloss. Clarins claims that its a combination of skincare and makeup, packed with a cocktail of plant oils and no sticky feel which I have to agree with. It's actually really comfortable on the lips and feels super nourishing and moisturising. I usually use it whenever I feel that my lips are in need of some serious moisture. You can wear it alone or over your lipstick, but in all honesty when my lips are chapped the last thing on my mind is lipstick. The oil comes in three different shades I believe, I went for the most neutral one which is 01 Honey, applied alone it masks your dry lips and just makes them uber shiny. I'd imagine that the other two shades which have more colour give you a tiny bit of a tint on the lips, so there's something for everyone. The applicator is not your standard doe foot, its actually a pretty large applicator but I don't see that as a negative. It allows the product to glide on your lips evenly with one swipe and its also super soft. 

The Clarins Lip oil is going to be a must have for me during the colder months, along with other super nourishing lip products. What are you going to be using this autumn/winter to keep your lips moisturised and have you tried this lip oil? Let me know in the comments as I would love to know some more alternatives since I do get really chapped lips. 

Dominika xx