Hello everyone! Hope you're having a fantastic day so far! Today I'm going to review the Magnitone barefaced brush. I stared seeing that my skin looked a little bit tired and congested and also I noticed these little bumps and raises on my skin, you know just before you get a spot your skin raises but I wasn't getting spots. So, I started researching for products that could could get my skin to look radiant and clear. I found a few really good products that were helping but I still wasn't 100% happy with what my skin looked like, now having used the face brush in conjunction with the serums I found they work a dream but more on the products in a separate post. I came across the Magnitone and read some really good reviews on how it helps to clean the skin more thoroughly and reaches a little bit deeper than traditional face scrubs. I was also really drawn to the fact that it uses sonic technology to clean the skin because I have a sonic toothbrush and it really cleans your teeth like nothing else. I decided to bite the bullet and spend £70 on the magnitone. Yikes!! I got the pale blue colour from the bare natural collection. I really wanted the pink one but when I was purchasing mine it was out of stock on look fantastic and blue was the next best thing.

The face brush is very simple in design and extremely easy to operate. There's one button that turns it off and on and controls the settings, which there are two of. The first setting is a long continuous pulse which is more gentle on the skin, it can be used a few times a week to clean the face. I have seen that some people use it daily but I wouldn't recommend that because at the end of the day you are exfoliating the face very thoroughly. The second setting is a stream of little pulses/vibrations, I use this setting once a week to really get my skin clean before I use a face mask or a really nice serum, that way all of the product can absorb really well into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling really clean but not stripped if that makes sense, it gets rid off all the buildup and dirt from the week but doesn't feel like you just scrubbed your face with an exfoliating glove. The skin is left really smooth and soft feeling.

One thing to note though is when I first started using it (first 2/3 times) my skin looked worse as I broke out quite a bit in spots. I think that may have been my skin getting used to the product as it hasn't been exfoliated that deeply or it was actually clearing itself by pushing all of the dirt out causing an outbreak. The spots healed on their own very quickly actually, and after that my skin was left really nice and radiant.

Because the brush doesn't physically rotate, as I mentioned before its just a stream of pulses, I gently glide the brush across my face. Not pressing too hard or scrubbing because I wouldn't want to break my skin and over do it, honestly, the brush does all the work for you anyway so there is no need for excessive pressure or scrubbing. Before I use, it I always get it wet first and put on a little bit of cleanser, just so that it doesn't drag on the skin and I feel like I get a much better result doing it this way.

The brush itself is quite firm but do keep in mind that I have quite sensitive skin and I hardly ever use abrasive products/ tools on my face. I think they do sell some brush heads for sensitive skin but I haven't had the need to replace mine yet so I'll keep you posted about the replacement attachments when I find out what ones they offer.  Have you ever tried the magnitone before and has it worked for you? Or have you tried any other face brush and what were your results? I'd really like to know so let me know in the comments!

Dom xx