Today I'm going to review the Make up Forever Artist Shadows vol.2 palette. Let me start off by saying that this is my first ever purchase from MUFE and I decided on this particular palette because I was drawn to the coppery shade in it. The palette costs £32 and holds nine eyeshadows, so its a bit pricey but in my opinion really worth it now that I have tried it.

As I mentioned previously I was really drawn to the copper shade in the palette. Its a beautiful colour that isn't too warm or cool in tone or too dark/light. Its the perfect copper shade, which can be used to create a multitude of looks. The quality of the eyeshadow is phenomenal! Every single shade is super blend- able and buttery smooth to the touch  (there are no inconsistencies). They are honestly a dream to work with and are very fool proof, so if you're a beginner or just having a hard time blending eyeshadows and want to invest in some eyeshadows you definitely won't be disappointed with these.

What I love about these shadows is that they don't crease throughout the day/night and last a very long time. Usually eye shadows last quite a while on me but I can always tell after a while that the pigmentation is gone and they start to fade away, with these it doesn't happen. They stay on looking vibrant and flawless until you take them off.

This palette might look a little bit intimidating at first glance because of the hot pink, purple and turquoise but its honestly so versatile and can create some very gorgeous looks that aren't too bold. The light pink in the left hand corner is a beautiful iridescent colour which looks great across the whole lid as a neutral wash of colour or can be used in the inner corners or on the cheeks as a highlight. Next to it there's a stunning silvery grey, which looks perfect in the evening as a smoky eye. Then there's the gorgeous champagne colour which works great in the daytime with some black liner. Next row down we have the hot pink shade which can create some great intense eye looks or is actually a very pretty blush colour when applied with a light hand. Right next to it is the gorgeous turquoise, which looks great as a pop of colour smudged out on the lower lash line with a bronzy/ coppery eye. Next to that there's the copper colour which you already know I love, its just a very easy colour to wear, its suitable for both day and night time. Next row down we have the darker shades. There's the bright purple which also works great as a pop of colour on the eyes and would look stunning if you have green eyes, or for the brave it could double up as a blush topper. Right next to it there's the beautiful green/brown which looks great in the evenings and adds a little bit of 'je nai se quoi' to the whole look. And lastly theres the stunning deep plum shade which could be used as a crease colour as its not very shimmery or iridescent so it works perfectly to darken up your eye looks.

Have you tried anything from MUFE? If so what are your thoughts and opinions? I would really love to try their HD foundation and some lip glosses as I've heard great things about them.

Dom xx